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Thunder Bay Film Production
Featured Works
Apple Wagon Films is an independent film production company established by Curtis Jensen. We have produced award winning content for television and cinema. Apple Wagon Films continues to actively encourage the development, production and sales of films in Thunder Bay.  We love all the collaborative opportunities that are prevalent in the filmmaking industry. Near or from afar, Apple Wagon Films is here to help all filmmakers realize their next film.
Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog was the first film in Thunder Bay to be shot on a Red Cinema Camera. Production was completed over the span of just three days. It brought together a team of Thunder Bay and Toronto filmmakers. Dog Eat Dog has aired on Bravo Channel and a variety of worldwide festivals. The short film garnered awards and acclaim over the course of its festival run.


Written and directed by Curtis Jensen, Schism is a moody psychological film noir set in the 1940’s. It follows a tragic and inflammatory romance that develops between a young man and an abused housewife. The film has played at a variety of festivals and received both awards and positive reviews. Schism is an ode to 1940’s film noir.

A Guiding Hand

The story follows Alex, a little league baseball player, who is concerned about his hospitalized and dying grandfather. When Alex strikes out and leaves the dug out, he is greeted by his miraculously healthy grandfather and a life altering gift. Director Curtis Jensen wrote this film in memory of his late grandfather.


YOU tells a dark and poignant story. It follows a young woman who tragically loses her lover. She spends the rest of her life trying to resurrect him from death. The video was influenced by gothic romanticism and the steam punk art style. The robot was designed and built by Sarah Furlotte.​ The music video also aired on Much Music.


ZOMBITCHES focuses on a trio of devious nurses who abduct several musicians and transform them into flesh eating zombies. The nurses exploit the ravenous band of zombies to perform for them.​ Consequently, when one of the zombies breaks free from their shackles, they go on a bloody rampage.