For our clients, the reason to have a video produced is simple: to communicate something effectively and thoroughly that might otherwise be hard to communicate. A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, imagine the value of a video!

All of our projects are evaluated and designed to be as efficient and advantageous as possible for everyone involved. We offer pre-packaged and customizable rates that vary depending on the projects. We understand the inherent differences and likenesses between all the projects we undertake.

Therefore, preliminary project assessments are essential to protect ourselves as well as our clients from any unforeseen costs. We keep ourselves and our customers educated and involved in the development of a project. That is why having regular scheduled meetings with our clients is imperative to a production’s success.

We provide all of the following services and more:
• Concert Video Production
• Corporate Video Production
• Music Video Production
• Sports / Adventure Video Production
• Promotional Video Production
• Wedding Video Production
• Commercial Video Production
• Equipment Rentals
• Freelance Editing and Shooting
• Format Conversions to DVD

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